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Once upon a Tart. . .

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One day something caught my eye on Twitter–a buzz about a virtual baking get-together by Abby Dodge called #baketogether.  Abby posted her recipe for a simple yet sublime chocolate tart, inviting the world in to take it, bake it, make it our own and then share how it all turned out.  Now I have been reading tons of baking and food blogs for years, often trying recipes but rarely(ok, never!) commenting or contributing because I (self-consciously) thought that I really had nothing to offer. . .I mean these were professionals, people, and I?  Just a simple florist from Connecticut whose claim to baking fame was the lifeguard gingerbread boys I made every year for the guys on Chair 5!

However, there’s something about Twitter.  Something engaging.  Something approachable, and immediate, and well. . .just friendly! So after I enlisted the help of my 5-year old chef and made a nice little tart, I did something new.  I took a photo. I tweeted a comment. I came out of the cupboard, so to speak!  And slowly, surely, I found myself commenting a bit more often on the blogs I love, tweeting back and forth with some awesome and inspirational people, and generally showing up for the party a bit more.  Soon, two things began to nag at me: first, I frequently found myself with a lot more than 140 characters’ worth to say! And second, you know that line when you leave a comment on a blog?  The one that says “your website”? I felt like such a dork leaving it blank.

So here I am.

Thanks for stopping in.


About nancy

If I weren't a floral designer, I'd be a pastry chef,or maybe a hairstylist. See, I like using really sharp implements to transform good stuff into great stuff.

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  1. Of, first of all: the Flour Gardiner? GENIUS! I literally giggled when the page loaded. On the play on words. Secondly, welcome back! So great to see you find a newfound passion and hobby to keep you happy. We all need a bit of distraction from the shop. 😉


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