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Remember the BadAss? Neither did I. . .

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Yesterday, in a swirl of #baketogether-y love and sisterhood, I commented on my Twitter-turned-real-world friend Michelle Jaffee ‘s post, which features a to-die-for cocoa Angel Food Cake that looks fluffy enough to levitate right off the screen and into your mouth. Serious Yum, which (if you know Michelle at all) will be no surprise. . .

The surprise came when, as I looked at my posted comment, I realized that I was signed in via my old, quasi-forgotten blogger account! For those of you who remember, and for my new peeps and tweeps, I had a brief flirtation writing a short-lived blog called Bento BadAss. It was really nothing to shout about, but as I was re-reading I stumbled upon this post, which is some nice, summery cuteness for a rainy spring day. If you’re interested. So before we say goodbye forever to the BadAss, have a (lifeguard) cookie. Because who doesn’t love lifeguards    Cookies?!  Of course I meant to say Cookies!!!


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If I weren't a floral designer, I'd be a pastry chef,or maybe a hairstylist. See, I like using really sharp implements to transform good stuff into great stuff.

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  1. I remember that post! And I remember your short lived Bento fame. 😉 But, as we usually do… you’re onto bigger and better things! Love this place, lady. Seriously so.


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