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My Favorite Things: Pendleton Picnic Blanket

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Do you have a favorite gift of all time?  This blanket is definitely one of mine!  It was a Christmas gift from the Rock Star Husband’s sister the first Christmas we were married (back in 1996)!  In the intervening years, it has seen us through everything from rock concerts to clambakes to pee wee soccer games to Shakespeare in the Park. The spreads it has carried have likewise run the gamut from take out sushi or pizzas to PBJ’s and juice boxes to (most recently) lobster salad and roasted local beets with chevre and walnuts.  I love that Pendleton is still proudly made in the U.S.A. by the same family who started the mill  over a hundred and forty years ago.  The quality of this lovely wool blanket should take my family through the next 140 years of picnics–whatever is on the menu!

Tomorrow I will pack up the big cooler, the boys and this blanket for a new adventure: we are visiting a local island lighthouse for a pirate picnic! The menu? Stay tuned. . .



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