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Luxurious Leftovers, or, I call it “The Allison”

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My kind of mash-up.

Do you have a sister-in-law who is just cool? The kind who feels more like a real sister than one “in-law?” I am lucky enough to say that I have one’a those!

Allison is the relative who will make sure ALL the kids (we are talking ten. Ten kids) are front and center in the Memorial Day Parade crowd. The one who will grab her nephew and walk right up to the dude launching flying paper lanterns in the crowd before the fireworks, just because she saw a spark of interest and wonder in his eyes. The one who yells louder than all ten kids for the ice cream truck, puts the worm on the hook, finds the best bottle of wine for under ten bucks and brings it to you, just because. Teacher, mom, partner-in-crime, die-hard Madonna fan, Scorpio.

One of her favorite things is Alaskan King Crab. So, when he saw Stew’s special this week (lowest price in three years!), my husband decided a little crab fiesta was in order, with his sister the crab-eater and our families chilling in the backyard. The crab legs were fab, the company great, and all the little people swam, played tag and told ghost stories. Even a sudden thunderstorm and downpour did not chase brother and sister inside until they finished slurping the heavenly crab!

In addition to the crustacean love, we ransacked the garden for basil and heirloom tomatoes, yummy with fresh mozzarella. Allison loved them almost as much as she loved the crab, so tonight’s dinner is a mash-up of the bounty of the garden and the bounty of the sea, the kind of leftovers that transcend the original. I call it “The Allison”

First, take your leftover THESE:

crustacean celebration!

mix the cleaned, flaked meat with some mayo, grated parmeggiano and a squeeze of THIS:

lemon love

broil til bubbly, it will look like THIS:

delish on a cracker, baguette or anything, really. . .

scoop onto a slice of garden tomato seasoned with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.  EAT IT RIGHT AWAY,  or, top with fresh mozzarella, basil and a little balsamic vinegar.  

hello, dinner!

YUM.  Perfect with a very cold vinho verde from Portugal(under $10).Wish Allison were here to eat it with me!


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If I weren't a floral designer, I'd be a pastry chef,or maybe a hairstylist. See, I like using really sharp implements to transform good stuff into great stuff.

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  1. Sniff, sniff. I am honored…and now hankering for more crab! Last night was da bomb. XO Right backattcha sister!

  2. Impressive! Especially for left-overs! 🙂
    Looks delicious.


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